After talking to Karen Voight, I'm ready to leave this computer and run off into the fitness wilderness in search of a better disposition and a toned body. Karen has been teaching fitness for 20 years, has created 25 videos/DVDs, written a book, won numerous awards and now writes a fitness column for the Los Angeles Times. Why is she so committed to fitness? 'Cause it makes her happy when she wakes up.

Karen Voight is an internationally renowned fitness expert and Los Angeles Times Health columnist who has spent more than a decade setting fitness industry standards and expanding the horizons of health and fitness for people of all ages and fitness levels.

Widely considered one of fitness's brightest innovators, Karen blended her years of ballet training and exercise instruction with cutting edge technology to produce a wide variety of fitness videos and dvds that cover everything from strength and cardiovascular training to yoga and pilates instruction in a convenient, motivating and above all, effective manner.

"All the workouts that I develop are biomechanically correct but at the same time, I want each participant to enjoy the workout and get a sense of accomplishment from their training" notes Karen, who has also personally trained top Hollywood celebrities such as Tina Turner and Bette Midler, co-starred in Your Personal Best with Elle Macpherson, and consulted with Paula Abdul on her Dance Workout tape.

Karen maintains a practical approach to fitness, and promotes realistic body image. "What works for me to get in shape also works for a lot of other people " She adds, "Glamour isn't the incentive. This field is about inspiration and realistic expectations."

Among her accolades, Karen has been named an "IDEA Fitness Instructor of the Year" and was dubbed "One of the Ten Most Outstanding Working Women in America" by Glamour and "A Powerhouse in the Fitness Industry" by Shape.

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