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 Yoga Focus / Power

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Sleek / Slim Physique For The Week
DVD $19.95

A Workout for Each Day of the Week
Finally, a cross-training program that’s mapped out for your entire week. Get everything you need for a complete and balanced fitness program without wasting a minute.

• Sweat and build muscle with low-impact cardio and strength-training circuits on some days.
• Develop control and flexibility with yoga and stretch routines on other days.
• By having a variety of 30-minute workouts throughout the week you won't get bored and you'll never work the same muscles two days in a row.

With the convenience of this daily schedule, you'll find it easy to be consistent and have no excuse to skip your workouts. Your body will be in better balance, you'll have more energy and feel younger with these highly effective and efficient workouts all on one DVD.

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  A Pair of Yoga Blocks
  Yoga Mat
  5-8 lb. Dumbbells
  Step stool (optional)

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